Friday, 10 April 2009

Julian saves the day

Friday 10th April 2009

Have you ever seen a knight in shining armour? No neither have I, let alone one with red hair. But Julian Allan came to my rescue today in a birding sort of way. I'd made all the wrong decisions from the start. I had to get up early to take Jan to pick up a lift to visit her Mum. So do I carry on to Brandon Marsh cos it was a potentially great migrant day or do I go home and have a bit of breakfast? Guess what I did ? Correct, stomach wins every time. Just sat down to eat when the pager tells me theres an Avocet at Brandon. What! I'd be there now down the M69 we go. If only.....Meet people in car park, along path etc. 'its still there' get to the hide no sign. 'Lost sight of it 5 minutes ago'. Predictable or what. If I hadn't eaten my breakfast. Some consolation for what was now the 3 Amigos Andy Hale, Jeff Wesson and myself was the first Sedge warbler (139) of the year but when you're a serious County lister its not the same. It gets worse Id left my pager at home. Gawd knows what was turning up in the other migrant hotspots in the County. Quite! Just in case I go on to Draycote - wrong. The rain gets heavier theres a pair of Citrine - sorry Grey Wagtails on Farnborough bank and 8 Yellow Wagtails and little else but I'm thoroughly wet and past caring now. The fishermen are back in front of the hide, a fact I pass on to the wardens, phone calls are made but I didnt hang around to see the outcome.

Then I get a call from the deputy of Birds r us, Tame valley branch. Sir Lancelot Allan . Did I know there were 3 Black necked Grebes (140) at Lea Marston balancing lakes. Er no, but thanks a bunch for telling me. Its what friends are for, it saved my day and no mistake. Cheers Jules.

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  1. Great shots of the Grebe Bob.Never seen them in summer clothes.