Monday, 20 April 2009

No briefs encounter

Monday 20th April 2009
Didn't start Birding till gone 6.00pm on Sunday. So it was a quick dash to Brandon Marsh to dip Whimbrel and then on to Draycote Water for the Slavonian Grebe. I went through the usual dilemma do I really want/need to go etc. but the football was pretty dire so I went for it. I was rewarded by a cracking Slavonian Grebe in full breeding plummage. Its got to be my favourite Grebe.
Today was another late start.The weather was almost too good for passage birds to drop in but you just never know. So there I was looking for warblers round the back of Coton pool when I flushed a White-cheeked Sunworshiper. Frightened the life out of me. Quite rare in the Midlands but more sightings are being reported away from the normal beach habitat in the South. Something to to with Global warming I think. Luckily I had my sunglasses on or the sudden flash of white flesh might have done me a mischief. I had to use all my fieldcraft to back away to prevent further disturbance and embarassment.
After checking Haunch Lane, I moved on to Cliff pool, Kingsbury for some peace and quiet not. The highlight of the visit was Brian Kington doing impressions of John Harris. Unbelievable, and whats even more amazing, the last time I met John at Draycote he was doing impressions of Brian Kington. Should be on the stage that pair. Oh yes there were a few birds : the Med. gull was in its usual spot and a Goosander and Common Sandpiper were on the islands.


  1. Bob.Some nice recent shots.
    I went for the Slav. Grebe early on Monday morning but could not find it.Got the BN Grebes at Coton but the swines stayed in the middle of the pond.

  2. Bad luck Max,I thought the Slav might stay for a day.