Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A second chance

Tuesday 28th April
Having bemoaned the fact that you only get one chance of some species on passage in Warks. a Bar tailed Godwit (152) spent most of the day on Cliff pool, Kingsbury probably the same bird I missed yesterday. So what do I know.
Limited time for Birding today but I had to drive through the Tame valley area, so I was able to pick up the Godwit going out and the Greenshank (153) at Lea Marston coming back. Other birds seen today included Hobby (154) over Cliff pool and one between Dordon and Wood End. Also a Garden warbler (155) at Coton was a first for the year. I must say that the lines of communication about interesting birds in the Tame valley at the moment is brilliant. Thanks in no small part to Tom Perrins but also to a number of enthusiastic Tame valley birders many old hands but several very welcome newcomers willing to share their finds. Other areas of Warwickshire should take note.
The Cranes have raised the issues of County boundaries again. Did you get that..Cranes - raised, never mind. Im happy, having looked at local maps that the Cranes were in Warwickshire albeit briefly. To be absolutely sure it will be necessary to triangulate their position taking a line from Skan hide and Pete Softly's position at the North pit. Only then can the record be passed on to the County recorder.

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