Friday, 24 April 2009


24th April 2009

Having introduced the world to the Church End Ten yesterday , although there were only 7 on parade, I must add that one of our aims is to sample and judge Savoury meat pies. To this end we have an annual award ceremony when marks are added up and the Pie of the year Award presented. We like our Pork pies, as you can probably tell, but we are but amateurs compared with my friends in Leicester to whom pie appreciation is almost a religion.
I hadnt realised just how seriously pie judging is taken and that there was a National Association dedicated to the British pie. It is good to know that in the currant climate of economic and social gloom good British beer and good British pies are thriving. Cheers!
Only birds noted today in the Tame valley were Black necked Grebe, Common Sandpiper and Little ringed Plover.

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