Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Eggheads watch out.

Wednesday 24th March 2010

No. of species reported so far in Warks. in 2010 - 137

Wednesday 24th March 2010
A rather more dignified form of Birding today. I dropped in on the Tame valley for a couple of hours on the way back from Sutton Coldfield. Coton was the first stop and as I opened the window a female Wheatear flew up and landed in a Bramble bush to the left of the hide. It remained there for some time before dropping down into the rough grass in front of the hide again. Quite a surprise in such a confined area, hardly the open spaces you usually associate with Wheatears. Nothing else of note except Green Woodpecker and Chiffchaff. Numbers of wildfowl appeared to have dropped considerably. Moved on to Kingsbury/Fishers Mill. Counted 7 singing Chiffchaff in the area but little else.
The real excitement, however, was to come later. You may recall I reported the last Church End Brewery Quiz night when our team, the originally named Thursday Club, came a veery(sorry wishful thinking), a very respectable 2nd. Indeed had we had recourse to a third umpire we would have won. Anyway it was Quiz night again. Unfortunately I had to to turn down a Tame Valley Old Contemptables Curry night in Coleshill. I would miss the banter, the insults, the mixed Kebabs and Julian's tales of twitches past. No I had a long arranged commitement to the Quiz. 'Well go on, how did you get on ' I hear you ask. Well, we only 'WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS' went and won. Chuffin ekk ! I wont make a big thing of it but for most of the lads it was the nearest they'll ever get to walking out on to the Wembly pitch on Cup final day.
So well done to: Chairman Bruce, Lettuce, Mike, Foggy, Twitcher Steve and Ben. A result.

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