Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Great Skua at Draycote

Tuesday 23rd March 2010

It was another early start, getting to my Dad's place before work started on replacing his central heating system. It was clear there would be quite an upheaval so it was best to find somewhere to go while the work was done. Cue Dennis Woodward closely followed by Steve Seal, 'there's a Bonxie in the middle of Draycote Water' they said. Cheers said I. Just the place for a drive out. So off we went. As we arrived a small group of local enthusiasts could be seen looking out over the water. It was a promising sign. I carefully parked up in the nearest temporary car park and joined Richard Mays, Dennis Woodward, Andy Hale and Terry Southgate for a quick look before re-parking and walking back for a longer look. Expensive cameras hung limply from shoulders, redundant due to the Skua remaining out in the centre. Although the 20 or so Sand Martins darting low over the dam wall should have provided some sport.
When we returned it was clear all had not gone to plan with the installation, something to do with stop cocks and freezer kits. Anyway it took 2 hours longer than it was estimated but a minor inconvenience, Dad and I had enjoyed our day.

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