Monday, 22 March 2010

Losing ground

Monday 22nd March 2010

ok just got a few minutes to find something interesting to talk about between episodes of Coronation St.
Well, nothing interesting happened today thats for sure and Im not going to do a retrospective on the dog incident at Bempton. No, I'll have to go on about trying, unsuccessfully to claw back the Warks species I missed by going to Yorkshire. I hadn't planned on doing any birding but the intended work on my Dad's place was put off so I didn't have to stay all day. I checked out Blindpit Lane for the Wheatear but it was long gone. Next a trip down the M42 to Alcester for a Black Redstart, another blank so I thought I'd make it three of a kind and go for the reported Firecrest at Draycote Water. As I got there the heavens opened and yes you're right, no sign of the Firecrest. I did see a Chiffchaff and a single Sand Martin(116). So there I was sitting in Morrison's car park wringing wet, eating a Salmon and Cucumber sandwich. Its moments like this that sorts out the A List birders from the alsorans - should I go to Brandon Marsh in search of LRPs or should I go home and cry?

No. of species reported in Warks so far in 2010 - 135

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  1. Suffering the same as you.Very little to go on in the tame valley.
    Think the work going on at north pit isn't helping!