Monday, 15 March 2010

The Leicestershire Gull

Possible Mew Gull, Albert Village lake, Leics.

Possible Mew Gull, Albert village Lake, Leics.

Possible Mew Gull

Monday 15th March

It was a question of unfinished business really. Having made the effort to go and have a look at this odd gull on Saturday and failed, when news broke it was still around I had to have a go. Not that I could have contributed much to the great debate but there certainly wasnt much else doing. Even the Waxwings at Wilnecote had gone missing. The gull performed well and I hope the couple of half decent images I managed to get will help clarify the issue one way or the other.


  1. Nice shots Bob and I am now thinking why isn't this bird a Mew Gull!
    I've had few emails on the bird and one from an American birder who said it looked perfect for Mew Gull!?

  2. Hi Dave, Looking at the traffic on my Blog there's a hell of a lot of interest in this bird, internationally as well as nationally.