Friday, 20 January 2012

The Ale Trail leads South

Beer No.10 from the Patriot Brewery, Whichford
A pint of Gnats....

Beer/Brewery No.11 The North Cotswold Brewery

Friday 20th January 2011
With heavy rain forecast for the day I took the opportunity to travel to the extreme South of Warwickshire in the quest to sample a beer from all the breweries in Warwickshire in January. The first target was The Norman Knight, home of the Patriot Brewery in the typical Cotswold village of Whichford right on the Oxfordshire border. I enjoyed a pint of 'Gnats....' ,which was anything but. The next target proved a nightmare. I first tried a pub just outside Shipston the nearest pub to the North Cotswold Brewery in fact. They had stocked it in the past but 'had problems'. I found the brewery itself at a farm to tried and get some more up to date information. I bought a couple of bottles just in case and moved on to Moreton in the Marsh as I was told there were a couple of pubs there that had it. They didnt. If the brewery staff didnt know where their beer went I'd got no chance. Looks like the bottled stuff is as near as I'm going to get.

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