Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One to go

Iceland Gull, Stubbers Green, West Mids,
Iceland Gull
Beer No 12, Byatt's

Tuesday 25th January 2012
Well I've strayed on to a slippery slope now. Drinking in Wetherspoon's at 10.30 am. I'd been ringing round a few breweries, as you do, to try and locate outlets for my last 2 Warwickshire independant breweries. The Byatt's brewery told me that the Felix Holt in Nuneaton town centre had it on. I rang the pub to confirm the report and was off. Bit like twitching really, once you know its there you've just got to go, you know it could go at any time and you dont how long you've got to wait before you get another chance. In the end it was a pleasant experience and at £2.15 a pint not an expensive one. Ironically the last brewery I need is the closest to home. Again it has very restricted outlets and seems to supply mainly private clubs, perhaps I'll have to start wearing a tie if I can find one.
After lunch the persistent rain eased off, so I decided to have another look at Stubbers Mill. There were far more large gulls about, including a near adult Iceland gull.


  1. That Iceland Gull is a wonderful spot! Beautiful bird.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Just been catching up with your blogs. Wish I'd have know earlier you were on the Warwickshire beer trail - could of helped you out maybe. My local in Warwick (The Wild Boar) is the brewery tap for Slaughter House and frequently has Byatts, Wychwood and Tunnel beers as well! Sorry about that! What's the last brewery you need?

    Steve V

  3. Hi Steve, Good to hear from you.The Wild Boar sounds an interesting pub.The only Brewery I 'needed' was the Merry Miner from Grendon and I managed to crack that one tonight at the RAF Club at Tamworth. So its job done and back to the birds tomorrow. Cheers.

  4. Congratulations on completing the ale ticks Bob. That early pint must have been good. Stubbers Mill? Cheers Hughie.