Monday, 9 January 2012

Glaucous Gull in Warwickshire

Glaucous Gull, juvenile -Lawford Heath
Glaucous gull

Glaucous Gull

Glaucous Gull

Glaucous gull, juvenile - just visible(honest) back,centre of flock

Beer No. 4 -Mad Goose Purity Brewery, Shilton Arms

Pint of Mad Goose

Monday 9th January 2012

Started the day with a circuit of Lawford Heath. A gathering of gulls could be seen distantly on one of the few 'green' fields, but with no real viewing point I moved on. A few Yellowhammers were seen near the farm but no sign of any Corn Bunting.

A walk round Draycote Water also produced very few birds, there was a small flock of Goosander but duck numbers seemed to be generally low, like the water level, and no sign of the hoped for Red breasted Merganser. There were few woodland species with only single Treecreeper, Sparrowhawk and Song Thrush. I decided to give the Heath another go. Good decision. At one point it was possible to view the gull flock, albeit distantly, over a couple of fields. Through a gap in the hedge sat a juvenile Glaucous gull. Outstanding. Even more outstanding when most of the flock got up and flew over my head back to the tip. I grabbed the camera and managed to get a few shots as the Glauc flew close by. All this excitement had given me a bit of a thirst so I popped into the Shilton Arms at Shilton on the way home for a pint of Mad Goose from the Purity Brewery.


  1. Hi Bob I was around Lawford Heath today and if I had seen the Glaucous would have put it out on the pager or rang someone at the time. The news got out at 6.36 this evening!!! Its only fair if you travel for other peoples birds to put your own news out too.

  2. Hi John, Apologies for not letting you know but the birds were quite mobile moving back and forth from the tip.As the bird was not there when I left there didnt seem much urgency in putting the news out.I also assumed that regular Draycote watchers would check out the fields around Lawford Heath as the gulls regularly 'loaf'there. The sighting was recorded with the e'mail I sent you but I accept your comment. I apologise once again.Take care.