Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Warwickshire 13

Beer No. 13
Wednesday 25th January 2012

Thats it, job done. The Warwickshire 13 are in the bag. After a phone call and and dash across to Tamworth to complete my mission. Appropriate as my destination was the Flare-path (RAF) club. The urgency was that they didnt have much 'Merry miner' left, but in the event the barman put one by for me. The 5% porter isnt really to my taste but I enjoyed the club atmosphere with a skittles match going on. It will be the Warwickshire 14 next month when the Nelson Inn Brewery, Ansley starts production but I understand their first 'brew' wont be ready till the middle of February. So thats it, a bit of fun to start the year.

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