Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cheers Steve

Tuesday 10th February 2009
Poor start good ending - I made a bad decision in going to look for finches and buntings at Maxstoke in the early afternoon, the birds were there but I was looking directly into the sun, yes sun, remember that. Looking along the hedges I could make out Yellowhammers but not much else. A few Red legged Partridge strutted about the stubble seemingly aware that the shooting season had finished. I moved on to Kingsbury Water Park with the stark warning not to walk on the ice. In fact the ice was so thin not even the ducks were risking it. The walk along the canal was pleasant but largely uneventful. A Grey Squirrel hung down vertically to reach the last few Rose hips hanging on by one foot. A Kingfisher kept a measured distance ahead of me as I approached Fishers Mill bridge. Then the phone rang. It was Steve Cawthray with news that there were a pair of Brambling at the main feeding station at Ladywalk. Now I could tell you that I played it cool and scanned the Fishers Mill pools first but I'd be lying. I legged it back to the car. Well Brambling have been rather few on the ground so far this winter. I met Steve as I approached Sainsbury's hide, the Brambling (113) were still there, feeding well with good numbers of other finches, Marsh tit and Water Rail. A Little Egret flew over the river as I walked back from Riverwalk hide and a small group of Siskin were in the Alders along side the river.

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