Friday, 27 February 2009

King Eider - Flamborough

Thursday 26th February 2009

Thursday began well with breakfast entertainment provided by an aboreal mouse, a Grey squirrel and 3 pheasants. The breakfast room of our B and B looked out on a garden feeding station. A mouse climbs the tree to get at the fat balls, gets chased around the tree by the squirrel, falls on to the ground, gets thrown into the air by a Pheasant then climbs up the tree again. Totally amazing. Also find a Pale brindled Beauty on the wall of the B and B.

Confirmation that a King Eider located yesterday at North landing Flamborough is still present has me in a bit of a flap so our farewells to our host are cut short and arrangements for the day are modified. Luckily Flamborough is just a stones throw up the road so its not long before I'm scrambling down the grassy bank near North landing to get out of the strong wind. 3 birders are 'on the bird' but as its the only bird on the water its not too difficult to locate the 1st winter drake King Eider with its distinctive yellow/orange bill and 2 tone breast. A few Guillemots and Gannets fly past and one Fulmar glides by before an immature Peregrine attacks the feral Rock doves on the cliffs.

On the way back I thought it would be nice to see what Bridlington looked like when you could see it. I was surprised that at low tide there were so many birds around the habour. Purple Sandpiper, Redshank, Turnstone, Oystercatcher and Sanderling fed among the exposed rocks at the base of the habour wall.

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