Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Black Redstart

Tuesday 17th February 2009

I had planned a 'quiet' day, do a few (well one) job(s) about the house, go in to town to sort something out at the bank etc. So when Tom(underrated birder) Perrins texted me that Pete Forbes had found a Black Redstart on Coleshill Industrial Estate I was thrown into confusion. Regular devotees of this Blog will know I'm not the coolest birder in town when it comes to decision making - sorry got to put the pasta on back in a bit. So there we are, appointment at 11.30 can I get to Gorsey Lane and back in time. I start out, where is Gorsey Lane anyway. I phone Pete, phone runs out I turn back.

So its the afternoon before I set off again, this time armed with a vague idea of where Im going.
After driving up and down Gorsey Lane a couple of times I pull in and park up. Even before getting out of the car I can see the Black Redstart(115) on the verge. Very confiding little beauty.
I was surprised that there were no other birders around but as I found out most people had been quicker off the mark than me. After taking a few snaps its off to Hams Hall as I get to 'the bridge' Lee Johnson is watching and photographing the Firecrest high up in the trees. The bird duly disappears but reappears at regular intervals in the trees giving the opportunty to take some more snaps. Not quite in the Dave Hutton class but I was quite pleased with the days 'work.'

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  1. Nice pics of the Black Red Bob. I hope to catch up with it very soon.