Friday, 13 February 2009

Roll on the Spring

Friday 13th February 2009

Not particularly lucky or unlucky really. Didnt manage to connect with the Hams Lane Corn Buntings again, didnt see the Firecrest at Hams hall or any Owls at Richards meadow but met some nice people here and there, had a decent walk and did get a couple of snaps of Goldcrest to put on the old Blog.
As my old pal Tom would say 'who needs luck when you've got fieldcraft.'
I must say that Fisher's Mill is looking interesting. Im sure it will attract a host of passage waders this spring to boost my Warks total, and more importantly provide some great habitat for breeding and passage birds. Nice to be optimistic about habitat in Warks a complete contrast to Draycote Water which seems to be going backwards in terms of habitat and wildlife conservation.
The Chiffchaff, Goldcrest and Long tailed Tit were photographed at Hams Hall. The Lesser Redpoll was part of a flock of c12 along the canal near Fishers Mill.

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  1. Nice Goldcrest pic. Bob.I lost an hours battle with one on Wednesday at Brandon.Just cannot get a decent shot.