Monday, 25 January 2010

A little bit of Yellow and a lot of Grey

Monday 25th January
'What a grey day', that not very famous mis-quote from the nearest thing to a Celeb Nuneaton can boast - Larry Grayson, was never truer than today. It was gloomy. The only bright spot, quite literally, was a single male Yellowhammer. It was in fact a County year tick, my 108th species of the year. If I can remember I'll try to keep a running total of species reported in Warks over the year, based on birds I've seen plus those that are reported on blogs, websites and paging services. I'm not going to validate reports or make judgements just apply a bit of common sense here and there. I shall have to make a few assumptions about 'sensitive' records.

So, if we start with 108, I know I've missed Peregrine, Little Owl, Pintail, Red breasted Merganser, Brent goose, Short eared Owl, Med gull, and Bar tailed Godwit. So we're looking at 116 species reported in Warks as we approach the end of January.

The Yellowhammer was seen near Burton Hastings, other birds seen on a walk across to the A5 and back: Linnet c30, Chaffinch 24, Jay, Woodpigeon c500, Fieldfare c40, Common Buzzard 3, Kestrel, and Starling c200.

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  1. Hello Bob

    What about the pair of mandarins I saw on the Tame at Hams Hall a couple of weeks ago ...or is this one of the "sensitive" records you refer to because as far as i,m aware no-one else saw them?